Monday, December 27, 2010

And Now We Can Breathe..Sort Of.

Well, December 25th has come and gone. The gifts have been opened, the wrappings tossed away and I am pleased to report (knock wood) that nothing has broken yet.

The boys were all so thrilled with what Santa brought and what they received from mom and dad too. We heard, "This is the best Christmas ever!" more than once which was very nice.

On the way to church Friday afternoon *E* said, "I don't care about presents, I only want to celebrate Jesus' Birthday." Saturday morning he obviously felt differently after opening three clothing gifts in. a. row. He got over himself though. ;)

It feels like the month of December has just flown by and I cannot figure out where the days went. (Other than my time suck that is Crackbook Facebook.) I know I was doing things; shopping, wrapping, baking, getting my grad school financial aid squared away, playing chauffeur, washer woman and socializing on Crackbook Facebook, oh and making lists of everything I should be doing.

I am going to spend the next few days evaluating how I can be a more organized and intentional person in the coming year and beyond. I am not usually big on the resolution thing but I do want to change up a few things and now is as a good a time as any.

Do you have any changes you're hoping to make in the future? Baby steps or major overhaul?

My friend S says that each day she wants to do a little better and that is what I'm hoping for also. I just need to think about how things relate so I can actually do what I need to do. (Another friend, B, reminded me last week of what Albert Einstein said, "Insanity [is] doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.")

So I'm going to take a deep breath or 40 and relax a little, at least as much as a mom of 6 who has a son turning 11 on the 31st can. I am going to try to get control of my time suck and try to make some more happy memories and change things up in a good way. It wouldn't be good to be all insane. :)

Wishing you peace and love and the strength to change things up if you need or want a different result.


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  1. I would love to be more organized in the new year. That is my biggest downfall also. I love that quote by Einstein. It really sounds like me. :) If you come up with any great ideas for how to accomplish this, please pass them along.