Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lack of Proper Planning..

Yesterday I was feeling a little behind in my mental "To Do" list. I realized that I was thinking of everything as it needed to happen instead of thinking ahead. Planning ahead is necessary for time-intensive or time-sensitive things, don't you think?

It was then that I thought of a phrase I first heard from my then 15 yo who heard it first from a teacher. "Lack of proper planning leads to poor performance." I cleaned it up as the instructor used an expletive as an adjective. :O

So, I feel as though I'm not performing as well as I could in my roles as wife, mom, co-coordinator, friend....the list goes on. Suffice it to say that I am feeling rather "less than" in my performance ratings these days.

Maybe it's a case of "jack of all trades, master of few", but I don't think so. I think I'm struggling with poor time management and prioritizing. I also think I have a case of procrastination.

I resolved to get some things done. I decided to stop over thinking and make decisions. And then I read a few stories, played some board games and well..I decided to embrace the season for what it is..a waiting game...waiting for Jesus, that is.

You see, on Sunday we did put the Advent Wreath on the table and we did do the readings and pray and sing. It was our first step in the right direction as we enter this season of preparation.

As I focus on the "To Do" list and the shopping list and the school prep and everything else I should be doing, I smile when I think about waiting for the birth of that very special baby so long ago.

I will still be shopping and baking and hoping to see joy-filled expressions on the faces of my offspring...but when I remember why we're celebrating, it comes into perspective. I recall that much like awaiting the birth of my baby, the plans I try to make when awaiting the birth of The Baby won't really impact the outcome. What matters in it all is what condition my heart is in...and a joy-filled, thankful and loving heart will override any plans I do or do not make.

Wishing you much Joy and Love in this beautiful season.



  1. With my mom being so sick, I'm feeling kind of the same way. I am throwing myself full-force into the holiday prep and just enjoying it. If things don't go as planned, oh well. I'm not going to stress over the small details. I just want to be "joy-filled and thankful" for what I have right now.

    PS...I'm pretty sure I won on the scooter vs kayak issue. I even got Father Christmas to concede on only getting a scooter for the one who asked for it!