Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I've lived almost all of my life in the northeast, and never south of the Mason-Dixon line, but sometimes, Y'all just feels like the best word to address a group. Does that make sense?

Like if I say, "Y'all...yesterday was one of those days." it has a different tone than if I were to say, "Yesterday was one of those days." Maybe I'm imagining it, but it sounds more familiar or friendly or less serious or something...

So Y'all, yesterday was one of those days. The Husband stayed home from work because he was up most of the night with *E* who was having stomach issues. (All better by lunchtime yesterday and the Husband got some rest in the morning.)

After lunch I started feeling like my heart was racing and I was feeling dizzy so I went to lie down. After an hour, I was feeling no better so I called my Dr. thinking they'd just have me come into the office.

Lesson learned, don't call office with question/concern unless I want to spend several hours in L&D feeling foolish. My bp was slightly elevated but other than that there was nothing wrong. The senior resident ordered an IV suggesting I was dehydrated but I wasn't. Sometimes you can see these things. ;)

So we decided that while I was waiting for blood work, an EKG and to get an IV the Husband might as well go home, feed the boys and get *N* to his baseball game (which was evidently the best game of his life...he later told me he hit one of his triples for me..aaaw).

I was lying there feeling silly (making several mental notes not call the Dr. any more). I never did get the IV because after two tries the nurse couldn't get it and she got permission for me to drink tons of water instead.

I got released with no issues found and waited for N's game to be over before the Husband came to get me.

Y'all..I just missed my kids and am dreading being in the hospital away from them when I do deliver Miss M. I have already determined it's going to be lonely because the Husband will have to be home with the boys most of the time and I just cannot expect the 15 yo to take on that much.

Also, as it stands now the way the rules are, the 15 yo will be the only one allowed to visit and unless we find someone to watch the younger boys, he won't be able to visit either. (This is doubtful, the Husband won't ask anyone, we've been through this before and he hates to ask for help). Cross your fingers they change the visitor rules which are in place because of the flu outbreaks last year.

Yes, I am whining. I'm sorry, y'all.

The bright spot is that *J* watched his brothers for almost 7 hours yesterday, other than dinner, and he did fine and it sounds like they basically listened. They responded well to the situation...and I got lots of hugs and snuggles when I got home. I know that it will only be a couple of days away and I can use that time to rest and bond and just hang out. And...since they have WiFi, I can bring the laptop. :)

So that's what I did yesterday. It gave me lots to think about (and worry about) and I really REALLY hate feeling like I am wasting people's time with non-issues.

I also learned that I am getting old, because the residents looked really young. :O


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