Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Made a Mental List

I woke up this morning around 5 and started thinking of all the things I needed to get done to get organized around here and get everything ready for Miss M.

Unfortunately, I was kind of trapped in my room. You see, we let the 3 middle boys camp out in the living room last night. *C* had wanted a friend to sleep over but since the boy could either come over at 4:30 when he was invited (umm not close to prepared for a visitor) or not at all, *C* was horribly disappointed but he understood. So being the softies that we are, we let the three middle guys camp out together in the living room.

In order to get anywhere else in the house I would have had to tiptoe through the living room and I decided that cleaning out my bedroom closet would have been....inconsiderate to the slumbering Husband at 5 am.

Soooo....I started making mental lists (I also didn't have a pen or paper handy. :P).

Clean closet, move cabinet into boys' room, find out if we still have all pieces to bassinet/playard, set up Christmas tree (we had a minor water problem in the basement this week and the box with the tree...we have allergies, don't judge wet so we need to be sure it's dry and in decent shape). I also need to get some girlie type clothes for Miss M and when I think about Miss M's arrival I realize it coincides with back-to-school shopping and I start to hyperventilate thinking about the hundreds of dollars of school supplies plus sneakers and clothes that we will need to buy.

Hyperventilating wakes up the Husband. He does not hyperventilate. Instead he suggests we make a list later today and then figure out the essentials on said list. (He doesn't realize that on my lists there are no non-essentials. Or perhaps he doesn't realize that our criteria are very different. ;) A Mars and Venus thing, I'm sure.)

And then...I hear the door to *I*'s room creak open (we didn't WD40 it specifically for this reason. It's good to be aware of wandering 3 yos. Crafty, aren't we?) In runs a smiling 3 yo to snuggle...until he decides he's done with that and he heads downstairs..and then comes right back get his blanket and pillow so he can drag them over his brothers' faces to camp out with them...succeeding in waking them all up.

And at 6:30 all but the teenager are wide awake and raring to go. Well, the under 39 set are raring..the oldies in the bunch are kind of bleary-eyed and stiff.

Fortunately, I've gotten over my intense desire to clean the closet. Maybe the Husband and I can work on that list though. ;)


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