Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It's amazing how feeling useful and productive can impact my mood!


Now, you might think that having 5 kids (+1 on the way) and a husband would make me feel useful and productive. Somehow, it doesn't fill that hole in my life in the way you'd think. Or maybe it's that I have been something of a slacker.

Yeah..I think I'm a bit of a slacker. I don't mean to be but there's only so many times I can clean up a mess to find it reforming behind me before I give up and want to go on strike. (Or maybe I do go on strike?!) ;)

So last night I got a couple of non-drudgery things accomplished after the boys went to bed and it recharged me. (Non-drudgery means I did not clean closets or the basement, both of which are screaming for help but....I keep hoping someone else will jump on that train...fat chance, but hope springs eternal. ;) )

First, I looked over some things that someone had asked for my opinion about. It was fun and I used my brain and whether she agrees with me or not, having someone other than the Husband or my kids ask what I think was a wonderful feeling..and I intend to tell her so.

The other thing I did, after a long and enjoyable conversation with the Husband (a rarity) was start putting together little Miss M's sweater. I still have a bit to do especially since I won't knit the collar until the rest of it is sewed together. Hopefully, I'll finish the sewing tonight.

It's amazing how much I can get done when I make a choice to do something productive. It probably doesn't sound like I did a lot, but to me, it was something I wanted to do and needed to do. And these things were out of the ordinary...I mean doing the laundry and scrubbing the bathrooms are just daily tasks that need to be done but don't really lead to a sense of accomplishment for me. Although, I do feel like I deserve a pat on the back after the baths are done..really.

I plan to be more intentional about being productive throughout the day. I will continue to do the daily things that keep the house running, but I plan to use my time more wisely so I don't go to bed feeling like not only are there Legos all over my living room, but I got nothing else done to justify the mess. ;)

Of course increasing my time with God helps me to accomplish this goal. I have been more intentional about doing that through the day too, recognizing that I can spend time with God (and probably need it more) when it's loud and crazy. Adjusting my focus in a positive way, finding those things which I can do and just taking peace from God...definitely productive.


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