Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day

What a tremendous day, not because of anything spectacular we've done, but because of what this day is all about.

The Husband is a big fan of American history, particularly the Revolutionary War period. (That's what he studied in college.) He is quite gifted at bringing it to life, explaining it in a vibrant and fascinating way. (He talks about going back to school to get certified to teach it but with the way things have been going education budget-wise in our state...)

Today we happened to be flipping channels and find the movie 1776. Certain members of the family were absolutely mesmerized. At the end, when they were signing the Declaration of Independence, the Husband pointed out to the boys just how brave those men were. If we had lost the war, each of them could have been put to death for treason. I confess, I'd never really thought about that.

It's about standing up for something...isn't it? It's about bravery and conviction.

It's not always easy to stand up and be counted, even when what I'm facing isn't death but just "standing out in the crowd." I avoid making waves most of the time, in fact when the Husband spoke at a school board meeting this year, I was mortified...and I wasn't even there. (I guess *J*'s peers told him his dad was "cool". LOL Shows what I know. ;) ) So I don't know that I would have been supporting the Husband signing a document that could get him hung for treason. Just saying. I guess I'm a wimp.

And then...I think about being a disciple of Jesus when He was crucified. Would I have said "Yes, I was with Him." Or would I have said, "No way. No way. No way!"

Interestingly, Jesus gave us Freedom too...freedom from death. So in my fear, out of my fear, if it was up to me...I could very easily have missed out on Freedom.

Thankfully, through the ages, there have been people far braver than I willing to take those risks so we can all be and later.

A Big THANK YOU and God Bless to all of our brave women and men who are serving or have served in the United States Military.


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