Thursday, July 29, 2010

Woman Versus Mop..Mop wins!

Picture this...woman wakes up at 6:30 am with nothing on her mind but mopping her kitchen floor.

That says either this woman is a cleaning fanatic or the floor has gotten to the point where she just can't take it anymore because her feet stick to it whenever she walks past the refrigerator. (The fact that she walked past the refrigerator does deserve kudos though. ;) )

This woman bought a new mop because they no longer sell replacement heads for the mop she bought less than two years ago. New mop shares a brand name with a popular cleaning product brand, she even buys replacement mop heads. She does not know where the receipt is. (Yes, this is important.)

Woman sweeps floor picking up Legos, magnetic letters, and the stray silly band. (Meanwhile 5 yo refuses to help pick up toys found on kitchen floor but whines at her about being hungry. Having very little sympathy she growls about how much longer he will wait because he refuses to help out a little.)

She fills her bucket with steaming hot water and the environmentally friendly cleaner. She takes plastic off mop head, everything looks right, plunges mop into steaming water pulls it out and pulls the lever to squeeze....and the mop head flies off.

What?! After manually squeezing the very hot water out she puts roller mop head back in. She tests it before putting it back in the bucket...Good thing because it goes flying. She looks for secret catches and mechanisms and finds none. Mop head flies out whenever the mechanism to squeeze out the water is engaged.

36 week pregnant woman is starting to rant a little bit about how all she wants is a clean floor, She is teary but not sobbing..yet.

Ranting brings down the Husband wondering what she is upset about. Husband attempts to find the problem and says repeatedly, "this makes no sense." Husband stays remarkably calm. (Clearly a sparkly kitchen floor isn't as important to him as it is to the hormonal, pregnant (nesting?) wife.)

The Husband saves the day. He doesn't find the secret trick to the mop. Instead the man starts mopping then wringing out the mop with his hands.

Woman now has a clean floor. :)

She still feels an intense desire to clean the rest of the house...but she's not mopping....until she buys a new mop. (She's dreaming of a steam mop but doesn't want to spend $100.) She is willing to vacuum but just mentioning that word sends the 3 yo running upstairs sobbing because he is so afraid of the device...woman wonders if that is always such a bad thing. ;)

Are you wondering why this woman and her husband couldn't get a roller mop to work? Me too!

*** update: the woman phoned the "800" number on the mop packaging. She explained the issue to a very pleasant customer service agent who is forwarding the information to "Quality Control" and sending a whole new mop system. The woman is pleased with the outcome and will stick with conventional mops for now...especially after reading some less-than-stellar reviews of steam mops online.


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  1. You poor dear! Wonder how long it'll be before that little one makes her arrival? I have a wringer mop (you know, you twist the handle and it twist the little cotton haired head?) I like it, but I'd like it even better if I could simply order it to mop the floor! ;) Give hubby a big ole kiss for gettin' 'er done for you! And I could give you some tips on getting the 5 y/o to pick up his toys...........