Monday, July 19, 2010

The End.

It's the end of a boys' baseball season.

Last night the 5 yo and 8 yo both had the privilege of playing on their respective All-Star teams and had a great time. This was *E*'s first year playing and *N* is just finishing up his third season. *E* enjoys it, but for *N* it's a passion. He is so enthusiastic and he hustles and at the risk of bragging on my own boy, he is pretty good, and constantly striving to get better. *N* has had the same coaches for two years and last year they gave him a nickname that still sticks..."Turbo". Did I mention the boy can run like the wind? ;)

*N* is also a fan of the band Casting Crowns and in particular a song called "The Voice of Truth". He likes to listen to the song on YouTube. There is a version of it that incorporates parts of the movie Facing the Giants. It's an incredible movie about or lose, give the glory to God. Noah has been asking to see the whole movie so it should be coming form Netflix soon. (We're kind of slow getting through the queue.)

*N*'s team is good but they had their own minor Facing the Giants game this season against an undefeated team. The first time they played them, their third baseman managed to catch a ball and throw "Turbo" out at first. (Wow!)

The second time they played we were hopeful but a little nervous. Younger brother *E* got called up to play in the game so they'd have enough players. This is a common practice in our league and becomes more common later in the season with vacations and such.

*N* played well and made some awesome plays in the field and some great hits too. *E* did his best in the field and got great support from the coaches and the team...and when our t-ball player (3 pitches then to T) got up to hit... he hit the ball from the pitch every single one of the 6 times he got up (last in the line-up) and was responsible for 6 RBIs! Not because anyone gave him mercy but because he got up there and did his best...and the undefeated team was no more because as a team, even with a 5 yo, their team faced their own giants and won. (Much rejoicing!)

Now I'm pretty sure the coaches didn't give them a "For the glory of God" speech before the game (although *N*'s coach teaches amazing sportsmanship which impresses me)...but I hope that our boys have heard the Husband and I harp enough about sportsmanship and doing your best and everything we do being a gift from God that maybe just maybe, my boys realize that when they get out on that field they're Children of God and their main goal is to show people what that looks like through actions and words. (And to have fun too. :) )

I will not lie to you, I have called this the baseball season that never ends (many rain outs = many make-up games.) I have grumbled about messed up dinner schedules. But, last night watching the joy and pride with which my boys played their last games....makes it worth the minor inconveniences.

I am thankful they have the ability to enjoy this game...and when I say ability, I don't mean major league worthy skills, I mean the ability to participate at all. I am thankful that we can be there to watch them. I am thankful that the Husband is there to encourage them and their teammates. I am thankful that there are lots of other responsible and caring adults willing to put forth the time and energy to coach.
It's such a simple thing, this game (and I do say it's just a game) but it can teach so many great things, not just skills but life lessons about winning, losing, how you behave in those situations, how you work with someone different than you...lessons that hopefully these kids will take into daily life with them. (And I think the adults in their camp chairs can learn a thing or two as well.)
We all face our giants in life and I pray we can all remember that win or lose, we give the glory to God who is always with us.

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