Sunday, July 11, 2010

It Is Finished

The sweater I started for Miss M in April is finished. Well, it still needs buttons but it's done.

It was fun...and painful. This pregnancy has brought on some carpal tunnel which slows down the process. I wish the self-striping had striped a little less randomly but that is part of it's charm, right? (This is where my perfectionist streak really comes out. ;) )

As I was knitting it, I imagined what Miss M would wear with her sweater. I'm thinking some bright pink tights and a denim skirt. :)

I also remembered a project I made while in college. I was doing a counted cross-stitch for someone. I remember the boy I was dating asked why I would spend so much time on it, couldn't I just pay someone to do it. I guess he didn't understand that the process was part of it, that the work of creating it was an act of love. I told him I didn't want to pay someone because I enjoyed doing it.

Yesterday I was window shopping online (using windows.. ;) lame joke, I know) and saw very cute little cardigans in Miss M's future size for $16.50. I thought, look I could have bought a sweater for less than what it cost to buy the yarn, not to mention the time. But, I'm pretty sure that the machine that made those sweaters wasn't praying for Miss M while it mass-produced those sweaters.

The love and care and time we put into things we make; whether it be food or sweaters, scrapbooks or crayon pictures....that is what gives them their true, real value. Now, everyone doesn't have the time or desire to make or create and I'm not judging. I'm just saying that sometimes the time we spend in a task is well worth the end product, even if we could buy it ready made for less.

Miss M will probably not remember this sweater, unless it ends up on a doll someday. I will though. It was the first thing I did just for her. Because although I've never held her in my arms, I love her to pieces and she's a part of our family.
Praying for you and your family today, that you will feel blessed as you bless others by the work of your hands and heart.


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