Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Only Wanted To Fold Some Clothes....

All I wanted to do was fold 4 baskets of my room.

Noooo. Instead, just as I finish basket one I am told that 3yo needs a diaper change. He promptly runs in and jumps onto my bed..where I have been neatly piling folded clothes, organized by person and get the picture.

I was NOT happy. I growled at him about staying off the bed, got him cleaned up and sent him downstairs with his father aka the Husband...after a little rant to the Husband about how I can't have a minute's peace, can't get anything done and never get to do anything I want to do.

Not pretty.

After I shut the door behind them I decided to take a break and wash my grimy-after-walking- outside-barefoot feet and read a little more of Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa Terkeurst. You see, the last chapter I read was about getting bogged down in negative thoughts (or choosing not to) and I definitely needed a little more of that perspective. (I highly recommend this book and while I borrowed it from a friend, I think I may need to buy my own copy.)

After soaking my tootsies in some yummy bubble bath, slathering on some lotion and putting on some cozy socks, I was ready to finish folding that laundry and I had renewed my appreciation for my mundane daily life. I was no longer in "poor me" mode.

And then I got to thinking about the story of Mary and Martha...and how when Jesus came to Martha's house, Mary sat to listen to Jesus and Martha was too busy with work. When Martha complained that her sister Mary wasn't helping her at all, Jesus told her to focus on what was most Mary was doing.

I realized that not only in my chores but in my griping, I'm focusing on the wrong things. Yes, we all need clean clothes and we need to eat, but am I so focused on these tasks that I lose sight of what's truly important and do I miss out on moments that will be fleeting, never to be recaptured? When I focus on that which I do not have, am I losing sight of all the things I do have...which are things I should be grateful for?

I hope that my attitude adjustment has some lasting power and doesn't wear off like foot cream. I hope that I can count the blessings and appreciate them...even when they mess up my nice, tidy piles of freshly folded clothes.

Praying that you can embrace your Martha..and I don't mean you walk through each blessed day.


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  1. This post is perfect. You just explained me in a perfect nutshell. With all of the tasks done in any given hour of everyday it's easy to lose focus of the simple gifts. I'm lucky to use the bathroom without a knock on the door.
    There is nothing more precious to me than to be alone in my thoughts with no distractions. It re-juices my batteries and I'm a better mom for it. It balances me.
    Do you know what else? My feet need a soak also. I really do have the exact trials as you in this post. Almost daily. Patience. I work on it and the boys make sure I do too!
    Enjoy your moments of bliss and take care.