Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Three Stooges Go To Church

The whole eight of us were there but as I looked down the line of little ahem darlings, I saw the three stooges gathered around a pretty girl, AKA Miss M, and her body guard AKA her daddy.

The paparazzi should have gotten a picture but I could not snap a picture right then because that would have been wrong, we were in church and all. They were trying to hold her hands and tickle her feet and give her hugs, because they don't live with her or anything like that. (Rolling eyes).

We try to keep them quiet and well-behaved in church. Honest. For the most part, they do alright. The younger ones are learning and how can you learn without, well, being in the thick of it. For some reason the lure of Miss M is just too much and they had to love on her no matter how much the body guard scowled, shushed and firmly pushed their hands away.

Now, here's my confession, I was glad they were not all hanging on me like that. I did try to quietly refocus the children, hold *I* by the hand and on my lap but whenever I put him down he was drawn back like a moth to a flame.

Someday, they will all be able to sit in church, pay attention and worship. Some day. Right now, we are teaching the three stooges, and the others too, that being in church and worshiping God in community, is a positive and powerful thing. There they have lots of adults who know them by name, ask about their summer, comment on their new glasses or joke with them.

Yes, even the three stooges are part of a loving community of people who understand they are young, need to be taught and nurtured and loved right where they are, spiritually and developmentally. They are encouraged through loving examples to be a part of this community, not because we make them, but because their hearts and souls are fed there too.

Today I am thankful for my three stooges and their brothers and sister and all of our brothers and sisters in Christ who bring the Word to life.


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