Monday, July 25, 2011

A Milestone

Milestones are not just for babies.

Today my oldest son achieved a milestone that fills us with fear. He can legally drive a car without another licensed driver in the passenger seat.

Not only does that make me feel ancient, but seriously, I really have to take my own advice and wrap him in prayer because this is one more step into independence and well, there's a reason our car insurance rates DOUBLED today.

Wasn't it just yesterday that he spoke his first word, took his first steps, learned to write his name? Wasn't it just yesterday that he learned to ride his bike without training wheels, and now he's driving a vehicle weighing several thousand pounds?

I am blessed to have his younger siblings for distraction. I recognize that I have the (dubious) privilege of experiencing each of these parental milestones a few times. By the time Miss M gets her license I will be an old pro (old being key).

Being a mom teaches me over and over and over again to be patient and to have faith; to recognize that I am not in control and that I can lead and set and example but that children are not puppets. (It would be soooo much easier if they were.)

Lord, thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to experience these milestones, even when they leave me feeling unnerved. I know that in the process of trusting you and letting go, I grow too.



  1. Now THAT is a day that is going to scare the daylights out of me. Have you seen those commercials where the dad is handing over the keys to a little girl sitting in the driver's seat? He's giving all this advice about driving to the little girl? Then after his last words of advice it shows the little girl is really a young woman? Oh man, that is going to be me. They will always be little girls in my eyes.

    Hugs to you! For the exciting milestone. And the unnerving one too.

  2. That commercial gets me every time! Thank you.