Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Name is...

Hi folks. My name is Stacey and I have a problem.

I have become a little bit addicted to sewing, or planning to sew or reading tutorials about sewing cool stuff.

Seriously. made and craftinessisnotoptional have become my favorite blogs to read. They inspire me and empower me. Yes, I can make skirts and ooh, look at that bapron (bib) and what about those diaper covers?

The tutorials are great. The projects are cute. All I want to do is sew nifty things. I drool over fabric websites. (Well, not literally, thank goodness. My keyboard is not waterproof.)

I guess you could call this my new passion. I still love to knit and scrapbook. Knitting is a great take a long and scrapbooking is a social hobby. It's just not the same when I scrap by myself.

Sewing is a great opportunity to be creative and inside my own head and it's productive. There is a tangible product at the end. I love hobbies that give me something useful at the end. I think I justify time and money by their usefulness and it is so much easier to quantify the value of a useful item, like clothes we actually need rather than intangible things.

That is not to say that intangibles do not have value. Some of the most precious things we experience can be neither seen nor touched. Love. Joy. Faith. Grace. We can try to use words and gifts to describe and express them, but they are uniquely experienced by each of us. But when I am choosing how to spend my time, things that provide for the family are justifiable while television is definitely mind candy. Candy is an occasional treat. (Occasional is a relative term.) Reading crafty blogs, on the other hand, is research. What? It's true! ;)

So, I have found a new hobby that I am embracing passionately. I am sure that the newness will wear off and it will become less of an obsession and more of a "to do", but it allows me to repurpose and be frugal and creative and how can you not love that? Well, maybe you can not love it, but I love it.

Praying that however you spend your day, it feeds your heart and soul and mind, even if it's a bit of candy that gives you joy.



  1. Oh wow! I'm so impressed! I am the same way. I can become addicted to "sewing." Or at least the idea and researching of all things sewing. I really do love it, but the projects I take on often are a bit over my head and I get frustrated. I wish it was as simple as I think it should be!

    Keep the projects coming. I can't wait to see what you're creating.

  2. Sometimes they look like they should be simple and then....I had one of those experiences last night. Sigh. I won't give up but I will be tweaking the pattern. ;) I love the research piece. I wish someone would pay me to research. ;)