Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Proper Planning and Preparation

There is a military saying, "Proper planning and preparation prevent poor performance." (I admit I left a word out that also begins with a "p" but since I try to keep this clean... ;) )

I am all about planning and preparation. I get my work done early because you never know what might happen in this crazy house. I make lists, I plan and organize. As I wrote the last time, I was ready for my weekend of school.

Yeah, well...another quote I love is from Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

Awry is the stomach flu. Not the kids or the Husband. I would have left them to fend for each other and headed of to school spraying Lysol and rubbing in hand sanitizer as the door shut behind me. I'm warm and loving like that. Err I mean, I have confidence in the Husband to nurse the kidlets back to health. No! I got sick late Friday night and it lasted through Saturday. I had to email my teacher, get a medical excuse and try not to freak out about missing school.

I had stopped feeling stretched and was confident and comfortable. I had a plan and goals. Then the ick began and all my goals and plans were in the toilet. All the proper planning and organization and focus in the world did not prevent the unpredictable ick.

Fortunately, I slept the day away and Sunday morning I felt better, emotionally and physically. I could not help being sick. The weekend did not go as I had planned. However, because I was prepared for school, I was not behind.

We cannot always anticipate what may happen. We can plan and prepare but when our plans go awry, because of the ick or because things and people do not respond the way we'd expect or like, we have a choice. We can give up or we can adjust.

One thing I know for sure, proper preparation prevents panic. (Sort of. ; ) )


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