Monday, January 17, 2011

Up and Down and Even

This weekend I laughed more than I have in far too long.

Miss M's Godparents came in for her Baptism and we haven't seen them in 3 years. Life gets busy and there never seems like a "good" time. I was sad (and my kids were sad) that their kids didn't come too, but life happens...

We spent a lot of time just being; talking and laughing and listening. It was like a vacation for us too, such accommodating, easy-going, fun visitors were they. :) They loved on the kids, played with them, rough-housed and snuggled the "aunt" and "uncle" they are, not because of blood relationships but because of heart relationships. We are "family" even if we're not related. I love that. :)

When they left yesterday I was feeling so sad. We had so much fun. They live so far away. If only we were closer....

But you know what? If we lived next door we would be busy with life and would not spend many days the way we spent Saturday. We would take it for granted that there would always be time and we would probably be "too busy".

So while I miss our friends, I am grateful for the time we had. I vow to be more intentional about keeping in touch, to see each other more frequently than every three years (by which time we'll both have kids in college..gasp!) and to nurture and build relationships like these, because you can never have too many friends or "family".

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