Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today I was fortunate enough to go to MOPS. I needed to go to MOPS. I was not, am still not, having a great day. Everyone is OK and healthy and all that, it's just that stuff isn't going my way, and not just because I didn't win the Mega Millions. :P

Today the topic was about organization, but instead of talking about where to put our clutter we heard about the organizing of our hearts.

Well! You know I needed to hear that, right? I bet you everyone in that room needed to hear, reflect on and discuss this topic today. I think everyone can relate to the topic in one way or another.

My heart gets cluttered up with so much stuff, so many worries and thoughts and plans. Today I couldn't see anything but the wrench in my wheels, the monkey on my back (need a mirror to see that) and the rain (snow here) on my parade. You get the picture?

And then...the speaker talked about clearing space in our hearts for God's grace. Hello?! God? Is that you? I need to clear out some of the stuff cluttering my heart and give your grace a little space? A little room to work and move and do your "thing"?

But if I let go of the monkey and the wrench and the rain...then what would I have? Who would I be? What would I think about? If I let them go, what would happen? Wouldn't I slip on the wet floor while the monkey held me down and hit me with the wrench?

Make a little space for God's grace....

No, when I let go and give grace a chance....I find what I found today...the grace of God could heal the hurt and worry and stuff. Perhaps all the troubles wouldn't magically go away, but today I learned that when I make space the stuff feels a whole lot lighter.

This morning, I thought about staying home and hanging out with the monkey and his wrench but instead I went out and heard a message and made some space and felt the grace.


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