Saturday, January 22, 2011

Check Yes or No.

The other day I was at a Bible study and we were discussing relationships. Really, we were talking about friendship. We were discussing how most of us have many "acquaintances" but when it comes to those deep, trusted friendships we're kind of feeling a little....unsure.

I wrote about my dear friend being here last week and how I have vowed to nurture my local relationships and here I was having this discussion. Talk about timely!

It's not easy to build a friendship as an adult, at least I don't think so.

It's not like being in 3rd grade and passing a note:
Will you be my friend? Check Yes___ or No___

I think it's more risky now. It takes time and I try to nurture those acquaintances and hopefully they grow into true friendships. But... what if I reach out and get rejected? (Ever had your FB friend request ignored and still run into the person regularly? Talk about knowing where you stand. :P )

I know I am not going to be best friends with everyone I am friendly with. That's unrealistic. I do know that we're created to live in relationship with others and that having trusted friends to laugh, cry, worry, rejoice and yes, even pray with is a treasure to be cherished and nurtured.

I went home singing Veggietales:
"I can be your friend (la la la)I can be your friend (la la la)If your hair is red or yellow. We can have lunch. I'll share my jello."

But I also made the decision to take the risk of reaching out. Yes, it might be awkward. Yes, it might be ignored. But I want, no I need, to do this. I don't have a quota. I have a be sure that my heart is in the right place always. I try but I know I can always improve on that. :O

Praying that you find joy and comfort in your relationships; that they are built on trust and filled with opportunities to grow and to love.



  1. Great post. Thanks! I don't always reach out to others either - for the same reasons of "What if I'm rejected?" "What if they don't like me as much as I would like them to?" It is definitely harder to forge close friendships as we get older. We've been jaded as the years go by. It's not as easy as being friends just because we're the same age, same grade, same gender, and so on, the way it was when we were in grade school.


  2. I have been hurt by people I thought were real friends so much that I am very cautious now..
    Great post!!

  3. Friendship is tough at any age. Believe in God's grace in helping those that need to be in your life will be there . . .the rest are just extras ; )

  4. I love this. I am very guarded when it comes to making friends as an adult. I feel like an awkward child around new women. But there are some people, I don't know WHY that I just feel an instant connection with. They are few and far between, but only then do I open up.