Saturday, January 8, 2011


So tonight I got to wondering...those kids who ate paste in preschool...remember them? Do you suppose they were trying to reenact, unconsciously, their first experience with rice cereal?

I mean really, it looks like the paste we had in school that came in the little tub with the stick on the lid for spreading, don't you think?

Miss M LOVES her cereal. She grabs the spoon to help me find her mouth. Apparently she doesn't trust my hand-eye coordination, or I'm not getting the spoon there fast enough. She makes all sorts of happy noises while she eats too.

I'd be worried that she'd eat the paste in preschool, but now they use glue sticks for everything, so I think we're safe. ;)


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  1. That's funny! I never fed my daughter rice cereal or baby cereal of any type, but I have seen it and you are right, it does look like paste!