Monday, January 3, 2011

Here's the Thing...

I don't think some of my goals are 100% doable. At least not right now. At least not for me.

It's Day One of my plan and ummm, the chore chart I made for myself is well, not working for me. You see, it's all fine and good to say I'm going to clean my living room but first I had to clean up the Christmas stuff which was still in control, even sans tree.

And then Miss M needed to eat her cereal and then a little bit later she needed to nurse (can you say, "growth spurt"?) and the the 3 yo needed a snack and he needed help with something he was doing and the laundry needed to be switched over and I knew I wanted to run to a store across town before they ran out of exactly what I wanted because it was on clearance. (I had no idea how difficult it was to find baby dresses with long sleeves, but I could write a whole post about that. Maybe another day. ;) )

I did not get the deep clean of the living room done. On the bright side, the dishwasher was taken care of, the laundry is in process, the children have been snuggled, fed, clean and are in dry pants (or at least they were ...) and I did get the dress I saw online for Miss M.

Some people might be able to manage a spotless home and little people all at the same time. I haven't gotten there yet. I am going to forgive myself for it and keep on working toward the goal. Right now the two littles are asleep and I could (should?) be cleaning but instead I am taking a few minutes to sit down and enjoy a little quiet. Aaaah.

The good thing about goals is that they are always out there in front of you. One day of not fulfilling my chore chart doesn't mean all is lost. Would I have liked the opportunity to pat myself on the back? Sure! However, I had to make some choices today and the living room just didn't have the right lobbyists. ;)



  1. My mom once told me, when my own kids were little, that she wishes she would have spent more time on the floor playing with us and less time worrying about the house-- that it just goes by too quickly. I took that to heart and keep my house "good enough". She's right; it goes really quickly-- one in college and one halfway through her freshman year in high school.

  2. Good Enough works well! I always tend to overwhelm myself if I try to schedule things to much. I finally after YEARS made a loose schedule.. It works well! Even though my girls are older I still have to let housework take a back seat because days with them living here are numbered.. I want them to be productive adults and its coming up so quick.. I wonder sometime where the baby years went...