Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's the Process

That's my mantra whenever doing art or craft projects with children. It's all about the process not the end result. Children get so much out of the act of creating.

As for myself....yeah, that's a nice idea but I like to have a respectable product at the finish. I think that's why I like knitting. (And if if it doesn't look right, I can frog it rip it. Plus, I am following a pattern.) ;

Anyway....Today at MOPS we painted with watercolors.

Let's stop right here so I can tell you exactly how lacking I am in artistic ability. Seriously. Not. My. Gift. When the topic of the meeting came up, I felt uncomfortable. It sounds like fun for other people. But for me? Umm, I cannot draw, paint, anything like that. (Crisis, right? LOL)

I did it though. I went and I listened and I got my feet (and the paper) wet. I am no Georgia O'Keeffe. In fact, you wouldn't even buy my work at one of those "starving artist" hotel shows I've seen advertised. was fun! Really. I enjoyed the process. I liked creating something on a blank paper. I liked it. I really liked it.

In fact, I would happily try it again.

I don't have to be a famous artist to try painting. I'm not on The Times best seller list either, but I still write.

I am thankful for the opportunity I had at MOPS to try something new. (In case you haven't noticed, I think MOPS is the bee's knees.) I am thankful that it is a safe place to learn and grow and become more fully who I was created to be.

I pray that each of us can stretch outside the safe box we live in daily; to try new things and take healthy risks, to find new ways to use the gifts God gave us and share them with others.

It's all about the process.


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