Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No Thanks, I'll Pass.

Something feels strange. Is this willpower?

I have been strangely uninterested in sweets, dessert or snacking. In fact, the other day I got out the cookies and took two out...*I* asked for one and I put the other one back. I just decided that I really didn't need or even want a cookie. I wasn't hungry and it just wasn't calling my name...and that feels good.

Growing up I was always fairly thin. I'm vertically challenged at a whopping 5' 3" (well, a smidge under, if I'm being totally honest) and on my wedding day I weighed 92 pounds. No lie and no diet. It's just the way I was.

Fast forward 17 years and 6 kids..yeah, I don't weigh 92 pounds and I'm not a full-disclosure kind of gal, so I'm not telling you what I weigh now.

I never had to watch what I ate growing up and exercise and I have a love-hate relationship. I love to think about it and hate to do it. Through the years the scale has crept (and jumped) up and I haven't really made enough changes to account for my (apparently much) slower metabolism.

This weekend I read something about lifestyle changes and it clicked for me...finally. And I am ready to make the changes-- eat better and yes, I will even exercise.

But right now I am just excited that I can have candy corn in the house and have no desire to touch it. Not. One. Kernel. It's not calling my name. Neither are the Oreos or the Halloween candy in the cupboard.

It's just plain strange. I'm sure at some point I will have a craving and I will probably cave in...but three days without even wanting to touch the stuff..I'll take it.



  1. Cograts! I'm a short (5'3" as well) and chubby gal, and food has been my love and my enemy for years. I go through spells where the thought of eating the stuff literally makes me sick and them WHAMO, the craving comes back with a vengence. Hopefully yours won't! :)

  2. You're lucky you aren't craving anything sweet right now. Actually, since I got off refined sugar, candy doesn't sound appealing to me at all anymore. I was so addicted to refined sugar that I had a headache for a week when I decided to get off it.

    Like you, this is the first year my metabolism has slowed down. I've never had to watch my weight before. This stinks! Over the summer I lost my winter fat and I feel much better, but with the holidays creeping in, I know I'm going to have to be careful now. Oh, this getting older is for the birds, LOL!