Monday, October 4, 2010

Maybe I'm Not...

This photo was taken 15 years ago on Halloween. It is probably the last picture that was taken of my mom and *J* and me.

You know how women will often say, "I'm turning into my mother," with varying degrees of humor, chagrin or sometimes even pride? Well, I say it too, mostly when I find myself saying something my mother would have said, or did say.

Should I put a disclaimer here? Maybe. I mean absolutely no disrespect and I love and miss my mom very much.

There are ways I am like my mother and then there are all the ways I am not... some things would cause my mother much distress.

She, for instance, would brag that her floors were so clean you could eat off them, and she wasn't talking 5 second rule, people. ;)

My house is clean..enough. But there is always clutter on my counters. (A BIG no no when I was growing up.)

My Holiday dinners are special, but they aren't magazine photo op ready. (Definitely something my mother was striving for.)

AND today I realized another reason I am NOT turning into my mother. *I* played with Play Doh for almost 4 hours today. My children have Play Doh and I let them play with it in the house, no less. I had Play Doh as a child...for about a day, when some well-meaning person gave me some as a gift. (Or maybe they were trying to annoy my mother, like when my father brought me home kazoos from business trips..those always disappeared too. Hmmm)

My mother confessed when I was an adult that she used to leave the containers open so the Play Doh would dry out because...she couldn't stand the mess it made. (She would be bumming about the Moon Dough. That supposedly never dries out!)

So while I was cleaning up Play Doh and being sure each of the containers was closed tightly so he could enjoy many more hours of fun I thought, "I am not my mother." (And again, I mean no disrespect.)


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