Monday, November 1, 2010

A Helmet? Bubble Wrap? Both?

It all started yesterday, during Sunday School. 3 yo *I* fell and hit his head on a rocking chair (that's the best anyone can figure..and the Husband was in there..on the other side of the room but still...)

He walks out of the room carrying *I* and then *I* turns his head and I see the big lie it was as big as a quarter and sticking out of his head at least a cm. I sat down and started doing that breathing I learned to do during labor...because I felt dizzy.

*I* refused to let the Husband put ice on it and he was acting fine sooo...we kept an eye on him and decided he wasn't any more lethargic than he had been during worship. (Yes, he sat quietly during worship..that should have tipped me off...)

Last evening we did the annual walk around town knocking on doors and asking strangers for candy. *I* got clumsy as he got tired but nothing serious (although my heart jumped when he decided it would be better to jump down people's front steps rather than see what we're dealing with?).

Today *I* was mellow all day, quite an unusual thing but after his wild evening playing the king of the jungle, who could blame him? Yeah well.. I took his temp after dinner and it was 102 (perhaps he was coming down with something and that's why he sat so quietly during worship?)...gave him some medicine and as soon as it kicked in he was off and running..and apparently jumping...because...he fell and hit his head on the corner of the bookshelf in his room.

The screaming sent me running in and then I saw the red stuff oozing from his head and I yelled for the Husband and traded him a bleeding child for a baby...and did more of that breathing I mentioned earlier.

As I type the Husband is sitting with *I* in an ER waiting for our little man to get stitches.. a first for any of our kids...

So I'm going to go order that bubble wrap and the helmet now.



  1. I think it's amazing that you've raised 5 boys and this is the first time for stitches. Sounds like *I* is going to be your daredevil. Maybe just encasing him in spray foam would work? LOL

  2. We've never had to do stitches either, and I'm thankful. Hope the little man is alright!