Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When You're Lost..Stop.

I'm a planner, a list maker, a thinking-out-loud kind of person.

I function best when I have a plan but I have a hard time making decisions, perhaps because once I decide something, changing my mind, well would that look like I made a mistake? (Appearances, you know? ;) )

A lot of people have been writing in blog land lately about setting goals. Writing things down, most agree, helps you realize the goals. It's like a commitment to yourself which prods action. I tend to agree. I also know that until I told people about my plan to go back to grad school, I was putting off the application. (I could get a job thinking up excuses. Do you think there's a living wage in it?) )

One day I mentioned it in front of a friend who offered to encourage me to get it done. Best thing I ever did. She also offered to proofread a goal statement. I valued her opinion and I appreciate the time she invested helping me to achieve my goal.

The other day I was talking to someone near and dear to me about goals and dreams. I asked, "If you could do anything, what would you do?" The response, "I don't even know anymore." My heart sank. Those 5 words said so much, some of it quite possibly not even realized by the one who spoke the words.

It's difficult to discern the way you should go sometimes. Sometimes all the noise of the world; the stress, the unrealized dreams and unanswered prayers can rob you of your vision and the detours in life might make you lose all sense of direction.

Stop. It's like being lost in the woods. Stop. Pray to God for guidance and strength. Blow a whistle. Reach out to your friends. Rescuers will find you. People will listen and care and might even have solutions or suggestions.

Most importantly, know that you are never alone in any of your struggles whether you're lost in the woods or have lost direction in your life, God is with you.

I struggle with my decision about going back to school, whether I should do it and where to go and could I juggle it all. I found all sorts of excuses and "noise". Only when I stopped and prayed and looked for guidance did things become clear.

Praying for you as you walk through life; whether you're lost in the woods or strolling leisurely on a well-marked path, may you find peace and purpose.


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  1. So true! We do need to stop and ask God for direction, or sometimes He'll just drop a brick wall in front of us. Whatever it takes to wake us up and it's much easier if we just stay in touch with Him before that happens! :)