Thursday, November 11, 2010

Once Upon a Time....

Once upon a time there was a dad who told his children stories.

This dad began telling his stores when there was only one little boy and one favorite stuffed animal to be the stars. As the family grew, the stories evolved and there were more little boys and stuffed animals who became part of their adventures.

Not long ago, the dad was telling some of the younger boys a "Once upon a time..." story and the oldest boy stopped at the doorway to listen. "There's no village!" he said. The dad said, "There is now." The oldest boy sputtered and said, "But that's wrong!" It made the mom and dad smile at each other, because this boy obviously had fond memories of the stories. Perhaps they took him back to a younger and simpler time in his life.

Today I overheard this dad telling his daughter a "Once upon a time..." story. Today they were picking flowers. Yet another way the story is evolving.

Sometimes I listen to the stories too. It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.

Sometimes one of the boys will say, "Dad can we have a story tonight?" It's quite a treat. Sometimes the dad will say, "I just don't have a story in me tonight." The boys will beg and plead and often the dad will find a story in his heart to please his sons.

The dad loves sharing this special time with his children. You know what fills the dad with joy and pride? When he overhears one of his sons telling their own, "Once upon a time..." story.

I think this is one of the ways this dad is like the Father. God gives us the lessons and stories and is glad when we share those stories with others, spreading the Word.

Praying that each of us can share stories of love and joy, hope and peace with our own words and actions and by spreading the Word too, with both actions and words.


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  1. I love hearing about your family sharing stories! Your kids (and you) will remember them forever! Beautiful!