Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's All Good

Yesterday I was letting some of my worries get the best of me. I told a friend or two and I told the husband. I put on a grin for my kids because that's what you do, right?

Today I had an appointment with my doctor. I have had some interesting moles and this patch of skin and after reading a story in the paper about someone with a "suspicious patch of skin" that ended up being a very bad thing...I was letting the "what ifs" get to me a little bit... or a lot.

My Dr. came in and looked at my worries...and it's all fine. Nothing concerning. Phew. Because, you know what? In my mind I had created a very scary scenario...fueled by my long ago love of tanning oil and that big fiery orb in the sky.

I can cross that worry off my list for now. I can be careful and keep an eye on things but I have addressed it, done what was necessary and I am going to trust that the answers I got are accurate. (Because second guessing is going to get me nothing but a tension headache.)

I can also thank God that all was well. The other things stressing me out..well they are still always possibilities but I could walk out my front door and an anvil could fall on my head...if I lived in a cartoon world. But you get my drift, right? I can worry about a bunch of "what ifs" or I can just keep living the best life I can.

I recently told a friend that when I get overwhelmed by worry I stop and think, "What in my life has changed so much that this worry is overwhelming me right now?" Usually there has been no change to make whatever I'm concerned about more pressing..except my own thoughts. That reality check helps me cope with worry.

Then I turn it over to God and I focus on something right in front of me...like a 3yo with glue stick on his hands.

I pray that you can find peace and comfort from your worries,whether you are facing very real battles or are thinking of what may happen.



  1. Good job for getting it checked out. I had malignant melanoma when I was 26. I've been covered in moles all my life, but when I saw this one, I knew it was bad. Got it removed, was malignant, went back, had a bigger biopsy and it was clear. Very scary time! I'm glad you went and got checked!

    Keep giving it over to God!

  2. Glad to hear your moles were nothing to worry about. I have been in those shoes too. I have lots of moles and I now go for a skin check yearly. Makes me feel so much calmer.