Sunday, May 22, 2011

She Discovers Her Mistake

Last week I shared my battle with the sewing machine. I even read the manual about threading the machine multiple times but I kept getting "bird's nests" (I did some online research ;) ) on the back of the cloth napkins I was lovingly sewing for the fam. In my online research I found a lot of critiques about the bobbin system and some said the machine may not have been properly threaded but I had read the manual!!!

The Husband will tell you I do not read directions. A knitting pattern or a recipe? Yes. Directions about constructing anything? Not so much. If it is not intuitive then I probably will not successfully construct it. (This would be why the Husband gets the privilege of constructing all those Christmas toys. :D) So the fact that I actually read the manual was a huge deal and the fact that I read the blasted thing and it still wasn't working was eating at me.

In my online research I was reminded that a DVD came with the machine so today I finally had the time to watch it and I discovered that the picture in the manual did not show clearly one tension spring which I had missed! I knew it as soon as I watched the video. I couldn't go get the machine because it was in the closet of the room in which Miss M was taking her nap but tonight after the beasties were tucked in, I hauled out the machine and I re-threaded the improperly threaded machine and I. Did. It! I sewed the two napkins that were pinned and pressed in no time!

Problem solved. It took some time and some research and some patience, but I have mastered the machine. (The straight seams, anyway.)

Tomorrow I am going to measure Miss M and cut out that pattern and get started on her dress. When I have time, that is. I have schoolwork and housework and all that jazz, but I know now that this machine and I can work together.

Lessons reaffirmed for me today are:
Don't give up.
Have patience.
When you don't know the answer, keep looking.

- Peace


  1. woo hoo!
    I have a little sewing machine but only use it for sewing on paper. And not very well.

  2. This made me laugh; the memory for me is all too fresh. My daughter needed a quick repair job done on a seam for her softball sweatshirt. The actual stitching took 30 seconds. Setting up the machine and getting everything threaded correctly took me 30 minutes. The feeling of self-satisfaction? Well, not priceless, but worthwhile!

  3. You go!! I am so proud of you! I have had so many battles with my machine in the past so I feel your pain. Plus, I also don't read manuals. I skim. Then jump in.

    And I just saw your post about Bridesmaids. We're planning a GNO to see the movie too. Sounds like it's going to be a good time. Wanna see it again?