Saturday, May 21, 2011

Goin' to the Movies...

Last night I went to the movies for the first time in over 6 years. Can you believe it? I am not really a movie person, per se and I am content to wait for them to be out on DVD. A group of us went to see "Bridesmaids" as part of a Mom's Night Out.

I read two reviews, one that called it a raunchy chick flick and another that complained that it had not lived up to the raunchy rumors. As I already mentioned, I am not a movie aficionado, but I can honestly say, I doubt I have seen anything much more graphic. Okay, maybe once. If you're offended by sexual situations or cursing, this is not the movie for you.

We all laughed a lot. There were some seriously funny moments. Really. But I also felt the sting of tears in my eyes more than once. There were pieces of the main character that I could identify with, her insecurity and self-destructive choices, for instance. (Can I emphasize the word pieces, because if you've seen the movie, you're wondering things that I can say (thankfully) not those things.)

I felt frustrated and audibly sighed when I saw her repeating self-destructive patterns and I cheered inside when she found her spark.

At it's most basic, the movie was about relationships. Some are healthy, some are most certainly not. Some build us up and some kick us in the shins over and over and over again. The women I was out with last evening are builders, not kickers, but often we can kick ourselves in the shins with our own insecurities. I am working on that so that I can be built up and also so that I can be a builder-upper for those in my life. I don't want my own insecurity to cause me to kick another in the shins in defense during an imaginary attack or to kick myself in the shins through self-defeating behavior or negative self-talk.

The movie made me laugh and guffaw and cry (and blush). Oh my! It also made me think...and be thankful I'm already happily married. ;)



  1. Sometimes I wonder if Hollywood typifies what it's like "out there". I hope there are gentler and kinder cultures out there-- I have a teenage daughter and 20 year old son!

  2. going to see Bridesmaids on Thursday with my girls. Love reading your blog, Stacey!