Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Brief Sunday Reflection...

This morning I knelt beside my 11 year-old at the alter rail waiting for communion. I gazed down the row and saw most of my family (3 year-old was playing in the nursery) and my heart swelled with the enormity of my blessings.

Our guest preacher today spoke about how our thoughts can impact our feelings and about following the command to praise God at all times and in that moment, seeing the heads bowed and hands folded, I saw with great clarity exactly how blessed I truly am.

I didn't need to reframe my thoughts to come to that realization....this morning. Mostly, I am very aware of what a blessing my children are, but there are moments in time when they just make me grind my teeth and count to 20 and I think at those times I am not always praising God. Asking for help or patience or a hole to swallow me up so I can escape the embarrassment? Yes. Praising Him? Not always.

This morning, I was enveloped by that attitude of gratitude and my heart overflowed with thankfulness and praise. My goal is to remember that attitude of gratitude and to employ it at times when it's not as easy, like the toy aisles of Target or when they fight talk during worship.

Wishing you a wonderful day.


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