Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Never Too Soon..

I am the proud mom of 6 beautiful children. On Monday evening, Little Miss M came out wailing , weighing 7 lbs 5.7 oz..

It was an amazing, miraculous experience and I could not be more in love with my precious daughter, my husband or my amazing sons.

That being said...after sleeping two hours Monday night, by Tuesday at 10:15 pm..I was more than a little tired and emotional and weepy. I was homesick, missed the Husband and the boys and just wanted to be in my own bed.

My OB had told me she had given orders for a sleeping pill and since Miss M was in the nursery and I had been staring at the ceiling for almost 45 minutes I decided to ask for it...only to be told by my nurse all the reasons it probably would be better if I waited or didn't take it at all. Hello waterworks. I mean I could have taken it but then I wouldn't have been able to nurse Miss M and that would have given me guilt. (I'm very good at guilt.) I don't even know why I was crying..except that I was exhausted and hormonal and unbearably emotional.

So after my nurse left, I lay sweating (why are hospitals so hot?!) and crying into my pillow...because I was missing my guys so much.

And then..I prayed....because, although the name of this blog is 1praying mom...sometimes I focus on what I can do and what my family and friends and strangers and other humans can do and neglect the fact that God can do anything and everything.

So, I prayed for peace and comfort and for my family..the Husband, the boys and the precious new baby girl. And the next thing I knew..I was waking up to a nurse bringing Miss M back to me and I was refreshed and content...and while she and I shared that middle of the night time, I told her about praying and about God and about who she is and whose she is...that she is a beautiful child of God.

I found peace and rest in prayer and faith. Thank you Lord, for that gift.