Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Brothers

*C* read Miss M a book this morning before school. The picture doesn't show it but *I* came right over to listen too. Later *I* got a book and was "reading" it to Miss M but I couldn't get a picture before a well-meaning someone interrupted.

As I was looking at this picture I remembered a story I was told 9 years ago today.

A certain 7 yo was riding in the car with a certain 21 month-old and a certain husband heard him say, "I'm going to teach you all about being a big brother," then went on to tell him all the important things a big brother can do. They were driving to the hospital to meet their new baby brother.

And so the story goes and he did teach him about being a big brother and they've passed on the knowledge and now they're teaching *I* all about being a good big brother...and it's sticking, apparently.

Considering all the boys have Old Testament names, I'm quite thankful we don't have any Biblical sibling rivalry going on. ;) They fight and bicker and tattle and basically drive me batty sometimes, but I hope when the chips are down they remember they are siblings forever.
This time when I left for the hospital, I taped a hand-written sign to the wall. It said: " Love One Another Heart Mom." It's still on the wall and maybe it catches someones eye every once in a while. :)

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