Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It feels like just yesterday I was holding a newborn baby boy in my arms. Today, that baby boy turns 16 and is applying for his driving permit after school.

Don't blink. Don't rush through the stages and phases and days. Savor each and every moment.

If I could tell people the most important lessons I have learned through the would be those things.

I used to sing him silly songs so he wouldn't cry. If I did that now, he would roll his eyes. There was one trip to visit grandparents where I swear I sang "and the green grass grew all around and around.." until I literally had no voice left. Now he sings in the concert choir at school and has an incredible voice.

I used dance around the living room with him to "Standing Outside the Fire" and encourage him to be creative with his stacking rings...because I wanted him to be braver than I about trying new things and going for his dreams. He blends in but doesn't hesitate to speak his mind.

Before *J* was born, the anesthesiologist (I told him he was an angel, btw ;)) was whistling "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?". I cannot hear that song without getting teary because when he was born I think our hearts swelled with love about a zillion times. Now I see him show his brothers and baby sister that love as he helps them to learn and grow.

So as I sit remembering back to the day of his birth and the years that have passed...I am filled with love and joy and thankfulness.

Each day is worth savoring.

Happy Birthday *J*!



  1. Happy Birthday to your firstborn son! You are right, it does go by in blink and you must stop and savor each moment. I love your new header with all of your bundles of joy!