Friday, September 17, 2010

Changes in Attitude...

I feel like all I do is write about my offspring. I can't help it.

Today *J* stayed home from school with an upset stomach. I will tell you right now I am so not a pushover about the kids staying home. Not because I don't want them here but because I worry about why they want to stay home (are they worrying about or trying to avoid something or are they really and truly sick?)

I tried to talk *J* into going today. He's got a very heavy schedule and he missed PE which he will have to go in early sometime soon to make up. Alas, he decided to stay home and went back to sleep. I was not pleased but if he's sick he's sick, right? I'm not always as compassionate as I could or should be, I guess.

After I got home from running errands with *I* and Miss M, I woke him up to see if he was feeling better and brought him a drink.

He said he was feeling better and then...then he told me he wanted to apologize because he knows he hasn't been treating me very well and I do so much for him and he doesn't always act like he appreciates it. He said he'd been thinking about it and felt badly.

Wow. I felt humbled.

I told him I understood because I can remember treating my mom that way when I was a teenager...and then I was in tears because I don't know that I ever apologized to my mom for being a hateful, spoiled brat. I think I may have but...

I often think about all of those times my mother wished I would have "five just like me"...and she wasn't referring to my sunny disposition. She was cursing me, don't ya' know! ;) And I have a feeling each of the kids is going to give me a taste of my own medicine...and Miss M is probably going to think I'm old and out of touch and know nothing by the time she's a teenager, just as I felt about my mom, who was three years younger than I am now when I was born.

(BTW, the Husband doesn't understand the attitude of the children because he apparently did not pull this stuff with his I will often tell him, I understand because I did the same thing...he looks appalled by it. ;) )

I'm sure there will be more teen attitude..and more from the teens to be, but it meant a lot to hear him say he was sorry.

It reminded me of how many times I say, "I'm sorry" to God and yet, I just cannot help but keep being my broken, human, sinful self. As much as I want to do better, and mostly I do, I will always be me and always have something to apologize for.

One of my friends says that each day she tries to be a little bit better and that's what I try to do too.

Thank God for Grace!



  1. I love your post! My 10 year old son is always saying "I'm Sorry" for doing very 10 year old things. So now I tell him and his younger brother, instead of saying your sorry lets just say "next time I'll work on it". I'm talking about all the silly small things that require him to pay more attention to what he's doing. I've heard sorry so much that it's kind of lost it's meaning. So now they say "sorry mom, next time it'll be better." I use this in my relationship with God also. It makes me put myself on notice. Thank you for your post. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  2. This touched my heart...thanks.