Thursday, September 23, 2010


"Too blessed to be stressed."

I think of all the things spoken at the MOPS steering meeting I attended the other night, that is the thing I remember most. Someone was sharing something she had heard a caller say on the Dave Ramsey show.

I know how easy it is to focus on everything imperfect in our lives. I know I do it all the time. I count my blessings, sure. But taking it to heart and really and truly embracing the blessings all around me...I am not always good at.

It's so easy for me to get wrapped up in what is lacking and imperfect; what is disappointing or doesn't fit the plan or the societal expectations.

Blessings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and unanswered prayers. Sometimes I look at dreams unrealized and think maybe we dodged a bad thing. Sometimes I still feel frustrated and hurt. Sometimes I need to be reminded that just because we think life is grand for someone else, doesn't mean they aren't facing their own struggles and pain.

My biggest and toughest struggle is finding my balance between what I know is valued most by God and fitting in in the world. Does that make sense?

I shared the other day that I was struggling with anxiety. I worry about things that I cannot immediately control and I struggle with feelings of failure. And yet, in the midst of it all..if I can open my eyes and truly count my blessings...I, too am "too blessed to be stressed." Wrapped up in stuff that won't matter later? Yes. Blessed in all the ways that really matter? Most definitely.

This morning, before getting out of bed, I resolved to not get in a snit about certain issues ...and I cannot put a check mark in the success box. To say I fell painfully short would be an understatement. However, I can try to do better next time and I'm trying to figure out why the issue in question is such a trigger for me.

Instead of giving lip service to counting my earthly blessings today, I want to look for (and hope to find) the silver lining in the earthly annoyances, frustrations, fears and shortfalls. (And I don't want to just give lip service to this either.)

Because really, if I'm honest...I am too blessed to be stressed.


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  1. I too stress over things I have no control over. When I remember to, I give these concerns to Jesus and I let it go. I know He will take care of it and obviously, much better than me. He always does. It's comforting to know Jesus is there for us in all things. He loves us unconditionally and just wants to help us.
    Take Care