Tuesday, March 9, 2010


When last I wrote, I was feeling the weight of every decision made and the judgement that goes with them. It was not a good feeling...but I found joy in the sweetness of my kids. These children are amazing blessings, all 5 of them..and the one on the way too. While it might not make sense to have 6 children, it obviously makes perfect sense to God. I am thankful and grateful, even though I get weighed down by the enormity of my life and the choices and the realities of dollars and cents, time and energy, space and peace.

Reality hit us this weekend...the stomach flu arrived and we did receive some mercy..the husband and I were not sick at the same time. (mildly gross to follow ;) ) It started mildly enough...*N* got sick Friday night, it was mild and the big issue didn't last long. At 1 am Sunday, *C* had one violent episode and then he was in recovery mode. Sunday I got a call while grocery shopping, "another one is down." *I* was sick and being 2, he didn't get the concept of where to place his "deposit". While this is going on, the husband and *J* are putting together the new bunk beds so that *I* can transition into his big boy bed. After dinner, I was struck by this bug and then at 8, *E* went down. The husband was running between *I* and *E* and trying to keep up with laundry. (Thankful for the washing machine.) The boys stayed home from school yesterday, I felt mildly human in the afternoon, *E* is still home today because he's still having issues and now the husband is down. The only one who has (knock wood) not succumbed is 15 yo *J*.

We are hopeful that tonight will be *I* 's first night in his big boy bed. I got him a Thomas the Tank Engine blanket and Thomas sheets..he was hugging the sheets and is already very possessive of his blanket. :) He is a train fanatic, just like his older brothers.

I feel like my existence is one big"Life is what happens when we're making other plans". We make plans for things that should, in all logical understanding, work out. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Sometimes we can pick up the pieces on our own, and sometimes we need to ask for help. Through everything, I am confident that God is with me. For that I am thankful.

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