Thursday, March 11, 2010

If I'm being fair...

I need to write about a child other than #1 or #5. While life isn't fair...if my 'textbook' middle child discovered the inequity of the situation...I'd hear about it loudly and for an unpleasant amount of time.

That does not, however, mean that he will get a nod this time.

No. Today will be about my super-talkative #2 son, *C*.

He chatters non-stop. Seriously. He can tell you more than you might ever care to know about Pokemon, Bakugan or anything else he is currently passionate about. He has an amazing mind for facts and tidbits of information and loves to research things. And Legos..oh how he loves to build with Legos...which reminds me, at least once a week he will say, "If I shrunk to the size of a Lego guy..."

The non-stop chatter is something that I need to remember to be very VERY thankful for. *C* had extremely delayed in no language at all by age 2 1/2. When he turned 14 months old, he got a raging ear infection that just would. not. go. away. He ended up going for a series of shots of some strong anti-biotic and then we visited an ENT who discovered he had at least 30% hearing loss. He got tubes the following week and although his hearing improved...his speech did not. It was scary and sad and incredibly frustrating for him.

*C* received speech therapy twice a week and then hen he turned 2 1/2 he began a full-day pre-school program with the most amazing teachers...and Oh the progress he made. This program provided busing. I cried when I put him on the bus that first morning...more than *C* did. It just seemed wrong in my heart. The bus driver told his teacher and the teacher phoned me to tell me *C* was there safe and happy. Now that's communication! It was a wonderful year for *C*, full of happy memories, new experiences and great personal growth. He was such a resilient and positive boy and I do believe he caught those traits from his incredible teachers and aids at BOCES.

We joke about suing his teacher, Steve. Sometimes I tell *C* to give his lips a rest. ;) I need to remember those days when communication was such a struggle for him. I need to be always thankful for his gift of speech, even when I cannot hear myself think.

It's funny how we can spend a great deal of time and energy praying for and working toward something, and then when we receive that gift, we take it for granted. I it part of being human? I know that there has been a lot of talk of gratitude journals lately...and judging by how many things I forget to be thankful for each day...I need to find a way to mark those things for which I am grateful and remember that there isn't anything in life I should take for granted.

Like a sweet, funny. creative boy who can talk your ear off..."If I shrunk to the size of a Lego guy...When we go to the beach...When I'm a scientist...(fill in the blank with the name of a Bakugan) has xyz power..."


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