Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm Not All That...

My life isn't that hectic. My life isn't that busy. I really don't find myself stretched that thin.
Please, don't assume that because I have 5 kids I have that much more on my plate. I really don't feel as though I do.

Lots of people talk about how busy they are but I guess I'm just a slacker. My kids aren't involved with tons of activities so it limits the amount of running around I need to do. We do a lot of things together on weekends or evenings, but as far as lots of activities...they are often once or twice a month and I don't think it's my duty as a parent to get every kid involved in something every season. I just don't roll that way. Three of them are playing baseball this spring so I imagine we'll have a few tense days if they each have a game at a different field in different parts of town at the same time...we'll manage, I'm sure. life is just not that funny. I just don't have tons of "laugh 'til milk (or other beverage of choice) comes out your nose" moments. Is it funny that *I* is in a "naturist" phase and was dancing on the table yesterday until I could catch him? (The boy is fast and the table is big.) I thought it was funny, but really, how many times does anyone want to hear about the free-spirited exploits of a not-quite three-year-old?

We also don't have lots of crises. For that I am more grateful than you can ever know. Last year we had two in one day...*I* climbed out of the cart at Target and earned a not-so-free ride to the hospital . Yes, he was strapped in. Yes, I was right there..clearly he wanted the Hannah Montana toothbrush more than I realized. ;) He didn't have a scratch on him...However, I aged several years. Later that day *N* was straightening his blankets on the top bunk in a rather bouncy manner (he's just like a puppy, remember) and what he thought was bed, was only blanket with nothing underneath and he went headfirst down the ladder. That got him a nice scratch on his face but no other injuries. I aged several years then too.

Don't you think it's amazing that I've never had even one gray hair? I guess that is one good gene I got from my mom. :) (I'm not sure it makes up for the high cholesterol gene or the vertically challenged gene can dye your hair, but really the cholesterol thing and the height thing...not such an easy fix.)

So, I'm not all that busy or funny and I consider my life rather drama-free. No soap operas here folks!


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  1. LOL! My life is quite boring as well and I like it that way. I'm don't "do" drama and I can't function if I've got 10 million things I have to do all at once. I like to live simply, and I make sure that I do! daughter (11) would still be a there may be no hope for your son! LOL