Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kids do funny things...

*N* is the middle child, for now. He is cheerful and bright and I often describe his personality like that of a puppy..happy, bouncy and eager to please. He's 8, in 3rd grade, requires very little sleep and is always busy. He loves to argue his point of view (The Husband thinks perhaps he has a future as an attorney..or maybe he will be a politician and filibuster for amazing amounts of time. ;) )

This morning *N* came downstairs with his Webkinz bat balanced on his head. I was a little tired and distracted by making breakfast...
Me: "Why is that bat on your head?"
*N*: "I just feel like balancing it."
Me: "OK."

A little while later, *N* is sitting on the couch wearing a blanket like a shawl and up over his head..he's clutching it under his chin. He often wraps up in this blanket in the morning, but this kerchief-type thing was new.

Finally...*N* says, "Umm, Mom. I have some stik-tak in my hair."
"Stik-tak. It's stuck in my hair...can you use the scissors to cut it out?"

Mind you, we're leaving for church in less than an hour and the Husband is sick and I'm trying to figure out how to clone myself so I can be in two places at once.
It wasn't just a little but of stik-tak was a HUGE hunk.
I wanted to take a picture but he said no and I didn't have the heart to..because I know he's embarrassed. (So I'll just write about it here.)
Evidently, he had put this stik-tak on the rail of his bed and it fell off and got stuck in his hair overnight.
I was able to get most of it out and only had to cut his hair a little bit..and it doesn't show... too much.

After my stint as barber, I went upstairs to tell the Husband..I didn't laugh until I was describing it to him..and then I just couldn't help it..from the bat to the blanket to *N's* was so comical. (I guess you had to be there...or maybe I just laugh at lame things.)
The Husband dragged himself down the stairs to say,"So I hear you had a little problem with the stik-tak? Now I have to say I told you so." (Because evidently the Husband really did warn of this possibility.)

I love my life. It's never dull or quiet. It's fun and funny, loud and unpredictable. It's all good.


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