Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It Was Very Quiet..

You know when people say they don't worry about the kids when they hear them yelling and fighting, it's when they get quiet that they become suspicious? Yeah, well...let me tell you about it.

Six of us were enjoying Jeopardy. *I* was not turning off the TV or standing in front of it, so we considered it lucky. He was playing quietly in the kitchen and I wasn't about to look that gift horse in the mouth. He likes to play with his trains in there and I didn't hear any drawers opening so I knew he wasn't using the pizza cutter. Gift horse...remember?

After a few minutes of quiet, I called him, "*I* what are you doing?" Silence. "*I* come see Mommy." In ran my little munchkin, proudly waving his hands...covered in beautiful black marker squiggles, lines and circles. EEK!

The husband swept him up and into the bathroom to get cleaned up and I ran to the kitchen to find a.) the marker and b.) what other damage had been done. First I found the marker, not the Sharpie I feared but a dry erase marker...then I saw it and gasped loud enough that all the brothers came running to see what horror their brother had done (and probably to gloat over the fact that he had done something naughty and they had not..this time.)
The marker came off the beastie with ease. The wall..not even Magic Eraser worked. The husband painted the looks perfect now. :)
Usually the markers (and all writing utensils) are well out of his reach. He has a "history". I have no idea how he got this one. I am thankful he didn't get hurt. And, I will probably check on him a lot more quickly when he's very, very quiet...Lesson learned, for me. For *I* probably not so much.

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