Saturday, April 30, 2011

Taking a Ride

A gorgeous spring day is a perfect day...for a 16 year-old driving, don't you think?

While the Husband and the 9 year-old were at baseball practice the 16 year-old drove around with me and 4 siblings in his able hands. I think I gripped the arm rest the whole time but I only used my imaginary brake in the glove box once and really that wasn't his fault, I just reacted to the person in front of us riding their real brakes.

I don't know quite when I became old enough to have a child learning to drive. It's all a blur. I swear just yesterday I was sniffling into tissues at his preschool graduation. Have you seen the advertisement where the dad is telling the little girl all the driving safety rules and the camera pans back and she's suddenly a young woman. Yeah, I identify with that one.

So today while he drove we chatted a bit and I gave a few minor suggestions (some he even appreciated, ;) ) and I thought about how in just a few months he is going to want to take the van out by himself! I did not hyperventilate right then, but I cannot wrap my mind around it. Not at all. Perhaps that is why I didn't hyperventilate? Denial isn't just a river in Egypt, don't ya' know?!

It is at these times of clarity and realization that I really wish my parents were still alive. I want to call and apologize because I was a brat, a big ol' spoiled brat. I cannot apologize in person, but I do tell them I'm sorry and maybe in some way they get it. (Or they're sitting in Heaven laughing because of all those hexes my mother put on me about hoping I have 5 just like me...Yes, I do believe she's laughing.)

I was a brat then and I still am now sometimes. Hopefully much less often. I suspect the Husband would waffle on the answer. ;)

I can look at our growing kids and see pieces of me in them. I can see pieces of lots of family members in them. I can see glimpses of their Heavenly Father in them too. That is a gift and a reminder to me that each person is created in His image. When I remember that, I respond much better than when I don't. In those moments I'm less of a brat. In those moments I can be brave and face the future because I am reminded that God is right there sparkling through the faces and hands and feet of this whole beautiful world. Even 16 year-old sons learning to drive.

Thank you God for showing yourself to me every day in many ways. I am so grateful for the glimpses. May you all find those glimpses of glory and greatness in unexpected places too.


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  1. We are on child number two learning to drive. Yes ma'am-- moves the words "faith" and "trust" from theoretical to applied!