Saturday, April 23, 2011

Still Smiling...

Today I took the time to do some shopping All. By. Myself. And I liked it. :) I did a leisurely browse through the bookstore and then wandered the mall with a vague idea of what I wanted but nothing too major.

While I was walking through Gapkids, one of the women working there engaged me in conversation. I discovered that she had three boys and one girl, all grown, and 9 grandchildren. One of her boys is in the field my oldest boy is planning to enter and she said, boys are always on the go, "I only had three, but you have five..and you're still smiling!" She didn't mean it to be offensive and I didn't take it that way. Instead, I responded, "I wasn't yesterday!" and laughed.

Yesterday I was feeling the full weight of all the things I do for which I feel unappreciated. I felt pulled in a thousand different directions. I felt nagged and honestly, if someone could be "talked at" to death....

Can you tell I wasn't feeling the bounty of my blessings? Not. So. Much. I am not proud of it, but I admit it. But this morning, after some rest and some quiet (my introvert self got to re-energize)I was ready for a new day.

A. New. Day. A. New. Life. Tomorrow, on Easter, we celebrate newness of life in a very special way. On Good Friday, I was living with a pretty poor, unthankful, ungracious I am feeling the guilt of my crankies but already feeling the benefits of the new life I was given on that long-ago Easter morning.

We are a resurrection people and though we aren't celebrating it yet on the calendar, I can still smile today because I know it's coming! Phew!

Wishing you Peace and Blessings and a very Happy Easter (one day early..sort of. ;) )

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  1. LOVE the new picture~ you have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing xoxo