Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Making Lemonade...

Not real lemonade with fresh squeezed lemons, simple syrup and plenty of ice. Not the flavored powder you mix with water. The proverbial, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade type of lemonade.

I think we have all had those times when life gives us lemons and we can either make lemonade or suck on the sour fruit and get bitter.

About 16 years ago, my dad was "forced" into retirement. I don't remember all the specifics and while he wasn't fired or let go, it wasn't his plan to retire when he did. He and my mom spent a great deal of time together doing things. No big trips, but they were really enjoying their time together. They made some lemonade out of the lemons. That time was quite a gift for them because my mother died less than a year later. I lived close enough that I was blessed to see them enjoying their time together just being.

I was reflecting on this earlier today during a MOPS meeting. There was a discussion about marriage relationships and how often when couples are in the throes of child rearing they can lose touch with one another. I found myself reflecting on how although we do not get out on regular dates and have a few kids, I don't feel that lack of connection.

I realized that it was the silver lining to a rather unexpected and unplanned employment and vocation journey. We have time together during the day. We are able to parent together more often. We have other stresses, don't get me wrong, and they're biggies, but we are a team and we get through the challenges and struggles because we are committed to each other, our marriage and our family. (You might say we're both stubborn.)

Oh, and we have faith in God who is far greater than any obstacle or struggle we could face. God is a big part of our marriage and has been since we started talking about getting married.

Mine is not a perfect life, but sometimes a little lemonade goes a long way when you're in the desert and don't know when you're going to find your way out.


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