Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One Tiny Bit

If I was a better or different sort of blogger, I would have photo documentation of the carnage.

The carnage that was a tiny bit of dried red food coloring that fell off the flip top and hit the tile floor in my kitchen.  A tiny piece which I carelessly stepped on and than tracked through the kitchen leaving dark red blotches between the refrigerator, sink, oven and trash can.  (It is cookie baking day!)

Thank goodness I did not venture into the living room and its admittedly less-than-pristine oatmeal colored Berber carpet.  (It is not now oatmeal with red berries splotches. Phew!)

When I discovered the spots I started wiping and the spots grew and smeared and it got very messy.  My hands are a nice shade of red and a I threw the cloths I was using in the trash because I was afraid of what would happen in the wash if I tried to wash them. (I imagined a big red mess in the washing machine.  It was very, very scary.)

This is not the first time red food coloring has been an issue.  Two years ago, there was red spreading down the wall beneath the cabinet.  It look like there was blood dropping from the cabinet.  (Great, I'm living in a horror movie.  Cue the foreboding music.)  The red food coloring had gotten knocked on its side at the back of the cabinet and the flip top (who thought that was a good idea?) was ajar...hence, the horror movie effects dripping down the wall.  Lovely.

As I was wiping down the floor (with Miss M trying to help me, isn't she sweet?) I thought about how little things can have big impact.

One little speck made a whole lot of mess.  One harsh word can bring pain.  One word spoken in love can heal. One baby born in a manger...brought a whole lot of Peace.


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