Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Wish...

On that social networking site which shall remain nameless, I saw a question from  the question was something to the effect of "If Santa materialized in front of you, what would your one wish be?"


Material things are nice but I don't know if even his magical bag is magical enough to hold a new house in the country with a big yard.  The Husband is currently in negotiations for a new (to us) van to replace the one that died on the side of the road Tuesday so that is no longer at the top of my list and I cannot think of anything else to wish for for myself.

I guess the key is that I don't think Santa can give me the things I really wish for any more than I believe that if Santa takes the year off because he has a cold and he's in a snit because he thinks we've all lost the Christmas spirit, Christmas will not come.

There are things I would like. I ooh and ahh over the Williams-Sonoma catalogue.  I wander through Barnes and Noble and sometimes drool over the books I'd love to buy, knowing they would be read in a few hours and then what?  Those are all little things, it seems to me, to use for one big wish.

The big things I would wish for are things that are mostly intangible (other than the house in the country with the big yard... Did you hear that, man in the red suit?!)

I wish for peace, for the world and for those I love and for myself.  I wish for hope, hope that is found in the belief that things happen for a reason and that everything has a purpose and can be used for good.  I wish for love, love that transcends envy and greed and is selfless.

On a night so long a ago, a baby was born to give us the gift of all these things.  Not a man in a red suit, but a helpless baby can and does grant the most meaningful and spectacular wishes...through faith.


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