Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crafty Goodness

I don't "do" tutorials. I mean, I don't write them.  I watch them. I read them. I try to follow them.  I love to learn new things.  I like to be creative.  It's fun!

I was planning to knit up a bunch of mini stockings but time got away from me, a migraine put its spell on me and well...I just dropped that ball.  I still needed the stockings so I decided to sew some.  I went to the fabric store intending to buy some felt.  Instead I came away with some cute flannel and coordinating grosgrain ribbon.  

First I drew a pattern.
Why yes, that is an old church bulletin.  It was sitting on the desk and I do like to re-purpose.

I folded the fabric so I could cut them in pairs and then I pinned them together so they stayed together.
Here they are all lined up on on the top of my chest freezer.  (I don't have a dedicated sewing space so I do my homework and my sewing in the dungeon basement between  the HO scale train table and the chest freezer, next to the perpetually running washer and dryer.  It's not fancy but it works.)

I folded the top of the stocking over twice and top stitched each piece before pinning them right sides together and sewing around the edges.  

After looking at them I decided they needed a little "somethin' somethin'" in addition to the green grosgrain hangers.  Soooo, I ran out this morning and found some yellow buttons. Its difficult to tell in the picture, but there is some yellow running through the plaid, the buttons pull that out.


I loved making these because it was something I created from start to finish.  I like making up my own patterns better than following the store-bought ones.  I love it when I have a vision and it works out. I love doing creative, crafty things.  This is a perfect time of year for crafting and for sharing our creativity.  I wish I had been inspired earlier in the season because I have so many ideas but not enough time.  

Next year!  

And I'll start sooner. 


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  1. adorable stockings, Stacey!! I think they turned out great.