Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reclaiming My Awesome

A few weeks ago, a very hip mama friend (and when I say hip I mean hip, chic, cool, totally awesome) posted this link on her fb page.  I read it and then I linked it to my fb page and then...kept thinking about it. I kept thinking about finding my awesome.  Thinking about where I lost it and if I was *shudder* stealing my own kids' awesome.

And then...I had a fb (you see how the crackbook fb is a heavy part of my life, yes?) conversation with another rock star mommy friend of mine about being modest and she responded with something to the effect of, "If you aren't your own cheerleader, who will be?"

Hello!  I was a cheerleader in high school (back in the stone age when the cavemen played with a ball made of dinosaur skin. ;) ) But being my own cheerleader? Well, that just wasn't goin' on.  At some point I learned that "tooting my own horn" was very, very bad.  I waited for others to point out my gifts and even then, I struggled with accepting the compliments I so desperately craved.  I was taught, observed or through osmosis, got the message that humility was the way to go. (This is why the Husband calls me Ms. Medium...and he does not value the medium.  He values the awesome he sees within the confines of our home, when I actually speak my mind, have an opinion and claim the authoritative knowledge I posses through years of life and several thousands of dollars of degrees.)

Well, my friends...I have decided that I need to follow the advice of the rock star.  Instead of downplaying or ignoring the accomplishments, I need to embrace them.   Because, I have accomplished some amazing feats!  I am wearing some battle scars (after 6 kids, my abdomen is not concave as it was when I was 18) but I have achieved, seen and done a lot!  I have a long way to go but no more hiding my sparkly light under a bushel!  (Well, it may take baby steps. ;) )

So, I am reclaiming my awesome.  It may take me a while and I may need to reevaluate what my particular awesome is, but I am going to put my chin up and say, "Hey world!  I am ready to claim IT!"

So join me.  Look in the mirror and be your own best cheer leader and say, "You are awesome!"

(Btw...this is totally Biblical.  God gave each of us gifts and if we don't show them and share them, they're getting wasted!)


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  1. Beautiful! I don't think I remember what my awesome was or where I left it. But I'm in! I think I remember leaving it in the 80's with my Madonna and Rick Springfield cassettes.