Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Buddy

Today was the first day of school for the school aged darlings.  They all got out the door in decent spirits and on time.  Smooooooth.  I hope this is a sign of times to come.  I hope but I also knock wood and cross my fingers and if I had a lucky rabbit's foot...

After the children got off to school I went to get a fasting cholesterol blood draw.  On the way home I thought about hitting the McD drive through.  Not really, but Starbucks was sweetly calling my name.  I said, "Get behind me!"  and drank my water and ate my apple. 

Why am I gifting you with the rundown of my exciting morning schedule?  Because I did not get my morning walk in the park in until 4:30 this afternoon.  This walk has become my exercise and my respite.  I love the time to walk and think and listen to my ipod and just be.  *N* has asked to join me several times but I always say a resounding, "No!"

Until today.  After he was at school all day, I felt kind of guilty saying, "No." when he wanted to spend some time with his dear old mom.  I said whined about how I like to listen to my ipod but he has a very endearing smile and I just couldn't turn him down. 

He brought his ipod and his dad admonished him to zip the lips and just walk with mom.  He chattered happily on the way to the park and then as we got out of the car.  I was adjusting my ipod and he realized his had no juice.  Uh oh.  He said, "That's okay mom. You can still listen to yours."  And then he proceeded to point out a turtle. (We took a picture with my phone.) and a dead frog (I did not document it.) and he chattered happily the whole time we walked.  I kept the ipod down low because it helps me set my pace, but it wasn't the rock out walking I normally do.

That's okay though.  He was happy and he kept up with me.  It wasn't the way I usually exercise.  I treasure the time alone with my music, but I treasure my jubilant son more.  He might not always be so enamored of the walks with mom but it was a great opportunity to hear about his day and see the world through his not-yet-jaded eyes. 

I may not always say, "Yes!" when he asks to join me, but I think I will every now and then.  After all, he's 9 and can run an 8 minute mile so maybe I need to work out with him more often.

Praying that we each can take the time to see the turtles and listen to the voices whether they be God's still, small voice or the voice of an enthusiastic child.  Today I am so thankful for taking the time to listen to both.


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