Saturday, September 24, 2011

Double Digits

Today we wish *N* a Happy 10th Birthday!

I still remember clearly the day his father, AKA the Husband said, "I think we should have another baby."

We were sitting at our favorite lunch spot, Sutton's. *J* was in first grade, *C* was not quite one, sitting contentedly in a high chair, I was sipping a glass of wine (not a normal midday beverage, I assure you).  I almost spit the wine out in surprise.  Really.  In the Husband's mind, things were going very smoothly with two, *C* was a very easy baby, *J* was doing great as a big brother, his job was good, what were we waiting for, we already had his name picked out.  (Seriously, the day we brought *C* home from the hospital, I told him the name I wanted for our next son.)

I'm not sure it was more than a month later when we found out *N* was on his way.  And the placid and easygoing *C* started a round of horrid ear infections and I ended up in the hospital with dehydration, then with you see, apparently life was too calm and we needed to shake things up. ;)  

The day he was born, 4 days late, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, not sure I was in labor.  I emailed my FIL but didn't mention it because I was sure it was a false alarm.  I called my SIL to find out how much warning she needed to get here to watch *C* (none, but I told her to wait), sent *J* off to school with no idea anything was going on, and tried to send the Husband to work an hour away.  He refused.  SIL arrived unbidden and encouraged us to go (I was still thinking false alarm)...  It was a good thing we went because it was pretty intense and it was time.  The Husband and the midwife talked Monty Python between contractions.  ("Hello, I'm having a baby here, pay attention to me!" ;) )

Life with *N* is not calm, but it sure is happy.  He IS our enthusiastic boy. He loves to please and he is our perpetual motion machine.  He loves baseball (the Husband is taking him to Cooperstown as one of his gifts), stays up late reading, has a strong sense of justice (particularly as it applies to him, "It's not fair!") and has some "frat boy" tendencies.  Our life is richer and more intense and joyful because he is in it.

Catching, his favorite position!

Happy Birthday, *N*!

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