Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday to the energetic, enthusiastic, wild and crazy and loving *I*!

Today has been enjoyable. We woke up and had to wait for the Birthday Boy to come down the stairs. He slept in today! As is the tradition, streamers crossed the ceiling and his gifts were at his seat at the table.

He was so cheerful all day. Excited and proud of being 4! He said it was "the best day ever" and "I love being four!" Four is a very cool age, for today. ;) Today I focused on my children, on the fun of building with Duplos (definitely more my speed than Lego. lol ;) ), on just being present.

I felt content, happy, fulfilled and confident in who I am as a person and a parent. I know that my life isn't for everyone and that I do not want to live another's life, even though sometimes their life might look much cooler or easier or hipper than mine. I was created for the life I am living, I can embrace it or not, but it will still be my life. Can I make changes? Perhaps. The biggest change I can make is my attitude. Today my attitude was sunny because I had my eyes on the positive. The positive is that my littlest guy turned four and we spent the day in the moment.

It's the Littlest Man's Birthday! Wow! Life is good. Yes, it is imperfect and a struggle, but life is good.

Praying you are able to see rays of sunshine, even on a cloudy day.



  1. Happy birthday, *I*! Glad that it was "the best day ever!"