Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Shoe Fits Me

This would have been a better visual had I taken a photo of all five boys...because really, sometimes I do feel like the nursery rhyme about the woman living in a shoe.... (notice I left out "old", although I'm turning 40 in less than two weeks, but that's a post for a different day. ;) )

I feel like the nursery rhyme woman but not in a bad way. I mean, sometimes it is overwhelmingly loud and it gets a bit cluttered and flat out messy sometimes. BUT life is messy and loud and overwhelming..even if you live alone. (At least that's what I hear. ;) )

So back to the shoe...

The arrival of baby girl #1 is approaching. (I can't say "quickly" without rolling my eyes...I have a feeling she's going to be fashionably late.) When we found out that we had a Miss arriving and not a Master, one of my friends warned me that people were going to comment that we must be done now that we "had our girl". She was right.

When the Husband and I hear that, it suggests that the boys in between #1 and now were "trying for a girl" children...and when people say "Are you done now that you have your girl?" it feels a little uncomfortable for us. Because you see, when someone says that, they are suggesting in a backhanded way (probably without realizing it), that having an abundance of one gender is somehow undesirable.

The same friend offered me a good comeback. "No. She needs a sister."

So lately when people ask if we're done now...we shrug our shoulders. Life is what happens while we're making other plans. We've been shown that over and over...and over again.

I'm a work in progress. God isn't finished with me yet. I have much to learn and do and for whatever reason, these children that I never could have dreamed of mothering are part of that journey.

I am learning to take each day as it comes, embracing the tiniest of victories. Whether we live in a 1400 square foot "shoe" or a 3000 square foot luxury boot, we'll probably always have noise and clutter...or be missing it. When *C* tells me we'll probably have lots of grandchildren, my first thought is "not too soon!" and my next thought is, "I sure hope so!" because I think I like the noise and clutter and without these boys, I might never have realized that.

Whatever path we take on our journey, whatever shoes we're wearing..we can choose to be open to the lessons offered us along the way.



  1. Yes! Lots of grandchildren and love for the rest of your lives. Bravo! That's one thing I miss having only one sister who has no children of her own. Cousins for my kids to play with.